The Project Team

photo portrait of andrew doman

Strategic Lead, Owner & Investor

Andrew Doman is the founder and main investor of Yadlamalka Energy.

Born and raised in South Australia, he has over 35 years global experience in business; a former Senior Director at McKinsey, and a history of working in private equity, asset management, renewables and financial services.

Andrew is an inventive entrepreneur, driven by a desire to work with innovative technologies to combat climate change and accelerate sustainable energy production.

Led by Andrew is a team of Australian and global energy and construction specialists.

invinity energy systems logo

Storage Asset Experts – Invinity

Global market leader in energy storage and manufacture of vanadium flow batteries with 20+ years’ experience. Based in Canada and the UK, they bring significant technical expertise, manufacturing capability and business modelling to the Yadlamalka Energy project.

habitat energy logo

Storage Optimisation – Habitat

UK and Australian specialist in energy trading optimisation for grid scale energy storage projects.

switch logo

Project Managers – Switch Co

Specialist renewable energy project managers based in Victoria, Australia.

Next Generation Electrical logo

Project Partner – Next Generation Electrical

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) providers with a focus on delivering renewable energy solutions, such as solar farms, commercial rooftop solar and microgrids.

University of Adelaide logo

Knowledge Sharing – The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a knowledge sharing partner.