Renewable technology solutions to enable a sustainable energy future

Security of Energy Supply

One of the most pressing problems as we transition to renewable energy is knowing how to provide security of electricity supply when the sun goes down and the wind stops. To address this, Yadlamalka Energy is investing to develop an innovative way to transform the way we store and use our renewable energy.

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What is Yadlamalka Energy?

Yadlamalka Energy is grid scale battery storage in the form of vanadium flow batteries (VFB) and a co-located Solar PV facility. Using breakthrough technology, VFBs provide medium duration energy storage (four hours plus), are highly efficient and durable.

Our first project is Spencer Energy, located near the Bungama Sub-Station, Port Pirie, South Australia. It combines an 8 MWh VFB with a DC coupled 6MWp solar array.

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Why South Australia?

South Australia is highly dependent on renewable energy having closed its only remaining thermal coal power generation capacity. It relies extensively on wind and solar production supplemented by high-cost gas turbine peakers and imports of coal based thermal power from the neighbouring state of Victoria. This configuration results in high intraday price variations.

This is an attractive market for medium duration vanadium flow batteries that store energy and arbitrage price differentials each day providing electricity and grid stabilisation services. Intraday price differentials are expected to exacerbate further as coal fired power stations around Australia are decommissioned over the next 30 years.

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Who is Yadlamalka Energy?

Yadlamalka Energy was founded by Andrew Doman, an Australian who splits his time between the UK and Australia. An entrepreneur, with a drive to work with innovative technologies to combat climate change and accelerate sustainable energy production. The project team comprises of Australian and global energy and construction specialists.

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Partnership with ARENA

Yadlamalka Energy has attracted interest from the Australian Government, as they address the emerging need for medium-duration renewable energy storage.

ARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, has provided AUD $5.7 million in funding as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program.

Yadlamalka Energy welcomes ARENA’s support and looks forward to working with them on this exciting project to enable a sustainable energy future for Australia.

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Chief Communications Officer, Yadlamalka Energy

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